How is it wonderful in Shanghai "New Year"? Shanghai Tourism Bureau launched the Spring Festival local tourism series

Recently, 20 provinces in the country have been launched on the ground. The epidemic prevention and control background has become a general trend. In order to meet the needs of public visitors on the ground, Shanghai Travel Agency has launched a series of Shanghai local tourism products in the Spring Festival.

Combined with the "Lepu Shanghai", the Shuncheng Spring Festival William, Spring and Autumn Tourism launched six series of products, such as "food", "sightseeing", "culture", "health", "nostalgic" and "public welfare". A student group who cannot get out of travel, Spring and Autumn Tourism specializes in the "micro -control · patriotism" characteristic winter vacation activities. In this event, students will explain special buildings, history, culture, and warm sun in winter, walk along the tour guides to understand the stories and achievements of reform and opening up along the tour guide in winter.

In response to the hometown of returning to the Spring Festival, the travel agency launched the "Happy Charity Agency" event through the seven -day holiday of the Spring Festival. From February 11th to 17th, Tour of Spring and Autumn will provide 20 free places a day. From the postal building to the Bund, from the customs to the people’s square, take the sightseeing bus, and transfer to the tourist bus line 2 to the Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone. Walk here, there is a walking TACHO, as well as the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus. Guidance not only introduces Shanghai opening, Shanghai liberation, it will also be introduced into Pudong development for 30 years. Tourist bus, tourists will also receive gifts from gifts.

Two -layer sightseeing buses Travel on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Zhou Weihong, deputy general manager of Spring and Autumn Tourism, said this year’s winter vacation and the Spring Festival, local tourism products in Shanghai have doubled from last year, 1 year. Five times, "trace" products are more doubled. Even "I don’t have Shanghai", this year’s tourism epidemic prevention measures are strict. Check the health code and itinerary of each tourist. It also actively reminds tourists to wash and disinfect. Essence

Recently, Ctrip has also actively responded to the "National New Year" initiative. Introducing various activities and subsidy policies for this year’s Spring Festival, guidance, encouraging consumers to stay in the city, stop, stop, stop, and appreciate the beauty of family friends. In, Ctrip’s reconciliation tourism recently launched the local independent "annual private group" and "private group on the eve of the New Year" products to avoid the risk of crossing aircraft trains. Local and family friends’ independent groups, independent cars, private exclusive driver guides, It can be relaxed during the journey, and it can also satisfy family members to eat new meals. Red fire is a new year’s demand.

Also, during this Spring Festival, some hotels launched discounts. Consumers book a room type and label the "early promotion" event for 14 days in advance. Up to 10 % discount. Tickets are played in the Spring Festival this year. Visitors who provide more scenarios and options, as well as local tickets, encourage consumers in the new year for day trips and other products for various subsidies.

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