Economic Daily: Internet advertising, don’t do "strong twist melon"

The newly drafted "Internet Advertising Management Measures", to specify the technical means to be in strong or possible crossed through regulations, and put more active choices to consumers. 31 new regulations, indicating Internet advertising or will usher in major changes, and the business model of the company may need to adjust.

If the video website is playing up to 90 seconds countdown advertisement, it is not a member or one button, will you buy members? If the "Daren Share" on the life platform, the free "professional evaluation" is hit "advertising", how would you think? If you clearly tell you, you have always called your "family" anchor in the live stream. Do you still do anything else?

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision discloses to the new drafted "Internet Advertising Management Measures", which is proposed, and Internet advertising needs to ensure that one button is closed, it is forbidden to return to the end of the need to be closed; sell in the form of bidding, experience sharing, consumption evaluation and other forms Commodity, service, should be significantly indicated "advertisement"; content constitutes commercial advertisement, related live broadcast operators, live marketing staff should fulfill the responsibility and obligation of the Internet advertising operators, advertising publishers or advertising spokespersons. 31 new regulations, indicating Internet advertising or will usher in major changes, and the business model of the company may need to adjust.

Many times, Internet advertising is like "Strong Melon". There is a special fire "Internet Physical Examination" for some time, and the non-porous Internet advertisement is compiled into segments. What long-term countdown advertisements, repeating more than a dozens of brave advertising, the malicious pop-up window advertisements that can not be closed, and induce purchase members Advertising, "play" live advertisement … Frequently let the audience will laugh, but there is deep helpless.

The platform is set up with the technical advantage, and the terms that are beneficial to themselves, while consumers are forced to be relatively disadvantaged, and the autonomous choice is gradually incorporated. The newly drafted "Internet Advertising Management Measures", to specify the technical means to be in strong or possible crossthes through regulations, and return more active selection to consumers, it is worth looking forward to.

Internet advertising is reasonable existence. After all, the website purchases the copyright, homemade program, and the daily operation investment is huge. If there is no advertising income with it, its business model will be unpleasant, this is not thick. But in reality, it is that some companies refurbished in the form of advertising, and there is less effort to enhance the quality of membership services. The membership welfare of some audio and video websites has been simplified to "less advertisements" and "VIP view"; some of the websites of the main business model with a bidding ranking, share, professional evaluation of the main business model, "money Among the scenes, many users spit, hurt their own community atmosphere.

In recent years, some advertisers are the reality of consumers, and they can not open the real Internet advertising, or they are either hard to implant, and some advertising for creativity and grinding is annoying. According to reason, the advertiser and consumers should be the supply and demand "two-way rush", the opposite, if you get a strong press, you are hard to drink, you don’t want, not only the advertising fee, but also to the original intention. It really can’t get lost. The advertiser also needs to optimize content ideas and enhance the quality of communication.

At this point, the corresponding new regulations may be launched, which will become an external force and opportunity to promote related platforms. To encourage more platforms, companies put more energy in product innovation, optimize members operate and enhance members’ viscous, and Internet advertising can also become more close, more cute, and achieve win-win.

The three towns in Shanghai chose the first batch of national and rural tourism key cities (hometown) | Shanghai

  [Newcomer’s evening news · Xinmin. COM] Cultural and tourism departments, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly launched the major national tourism villages and towns. The third batch of key rural tourism towns (townships) and 1999 national tourism key villages were identified. Chongming District, Shanyang Town, Zhanghua Town, Chongming District, Huashan District, Luojing Town, and so on. Do not. (Township). Lianhu Village, Jinze Town, Qingpu District, Jingpu District, Jingsheng Town, Jinshan District, Jingsheng Town, Jiading District, Xiangyang Village, Zaoqiao Village, Yuyu Town, Baoshan District, Chongming District, Xinhe Town, Jingping Village, etc. Essence Key village.

  According to reports, the "National Rural Tourism Village Catalog Construction Work Plan" and "14th Five -Year Plan" comprehensively compare the vitality of rural recovery. Different positioning and functions are modified and improved in the development of villages and towns in the development of rural tourism industry. Newly developed key towns (hometown) selection standards. The selection standards of major villages focus on guiding the country’s natural cultural resources and production and lifestyle. Digging rural multi -functional and multi -functional value, and restoring vitality of rural tourism, rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organization through the development of rural tourism, rural industry, talent, culture, ecology, and organization. The main towns (towns) choose standards to focus on leading the contact functions and elements of Liancheng and villages and towns. Township construction has become a local center to serve the development of rural tourism. Driven rural tourism clusters, scale, brand development, helping the opening of urban and rural channels, two -way traffic, and promoting the development of urban and rural areas in the county. The first batch of national and rural tourism key cities (hometown) took positive measures, reunion, public services, policy promotion, management coordination, and so on. Ensure the high -quality development of rural tourism.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will meet with the National Development and Reform Commission. Further strengthen the guidance of policy support for key rural tourism villages and towns, and talent training, and talent training. Give play to a good way to promote the demonstration of key villages. Lead the high -quality development of rural tourism.

  (1) Improve policy support. Coordinate relevant departments and include key rural tourism villages into policy documents, such as county commercial system construction, rural customer service system construction, and give full play to the driving role of resource elements, such as transportation and transportation to rural tourism consumption. Actively expand cooperation with the Bank of Agricultural Bank of China, promote the continued deep farm of Agricultural Bank of China, and incorporate the major villages of rural tourism into policy support.

  (2) Strengthen daily management. Relying on the deployment of cultural and tourism resources development management systems, the construction of rural tourism towns and towns in the province, and timely tracking the evaluation of the development of key villages and towns in rural tourism townships.

  (3) Do well in promotion. Through the work of the boutique line, a typical case collection, and so on. Strengthen the promotion of key villages and towns in rural tourism towns and towns to promote the establishment of a comprehensive range, multi -level rural tourism brand system, and meet the needs of rural tourism people.

  (4) Talent training. The theme training of key rural tourism villages, inviting industry experts, leading companies, online platforms, financial institutions, and so on. Build a platform for communication and cooperation, which is suitable for sustainable talent support for key villages and towns. (Xinmin News Standing in Beijing Reporter Yu Mingshan in the evening)

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