Assuming that James debuted in the Lakers, can the old Jen co -organize Kobe’s result better than now?

Assuming that James debuted in the Lakers, can the old Jen co -organize Kobe’s result better than now?

The beautiful breakthroughs, light shooting, the sound of basketball enrollment is probably the goal of all love to play basketball, even if all NBA players are no exception, it is the idea. Which player does most fans support? Among the players, James has really been in the limelight recently. Suppose that if James joined the Lakers at the beginning, would it be a completely different result? Compared to the current number of winning championships, there must be much more.

However, it is Kobe’s personality. Fans familiar with Kobe should know that Kobe has not reported happily with top superstars. Any player will like to have no ball rights. I don’t know if you still remember that when the two players of Kobe and O’Neal are compared, the Lakers are also struggling with a long time. The reason why Kobe is younger than Kobe. If there is James, which one will the Lakers choose? However, even if James has strong strength, it can only replace Kobe before 2003, because no one can shake the status of Kobe after 2003.

Speaking of Kobe, his fans are really very many, and there are many fans to commemorate him with now. How does James enter the finals in 2007? Is everyone curious? At that time, a large part of the reason for defeating the Spurs was Kobe, and the mid -range of Kobe was very accurate at that time. At that time, James performed average. One thing was that O’Neal took up a lot of inside lines at the time, leaving it to the time, leaving it to it to the time. James does not have a lot of opportunities. It is not that James’s biggest problem with the Lakers is not Kobe, but how to cooperate with O’Neal.

Moreover, the Lakers’ system is completely different. Although the Lakers were 5 people at the time, although George did not have a strong point, it was not bad. It could be regarded as omnipotent. Almighty template. If James comes to the Lakers, it may not play a great role without choosing a knight. The final result may not be better in the Cavaliers, because the system of the Lakers and James is completely incompatible, and it is impossible to have a high play rate if they just started. Assuming that the Lakers chose James from 2005 to 2007, Kobe is definitely not so tired, nor is it relying on Kobe Ming resistance, but even if his strength is very strong now, but if you choose again This result is now. Who is accurate?

The three towns in Shanghai chose the first batch of national and rural tourism key cities (hometown) | Shanghai

  [Newcomer’s evening news · Xinmin. COM] Cultural and tourism departments, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly launched the major national tourism villages and towns. The third batch of key rural tourism towns (townships) and 1999 national tourism key villages were identified. Chongming District, Shanyang Town, Zhanghua Town, Chongming District, Huashan District, Luojing Town, and so on. Do not. (Township). Lianhu Village, Jinze Town, Qingpu District, Jingpu District, Jingsheng Town, Jinshan District, Jingsheng Town, Jiading District, Xiangyang Village, Zaoqiao Village, Yuyu Town, Baoshan District, Chongming District, Xinhe Town, Jingping Village, etc. Essence Key village.

  According to reports, the "National Rural Tourism Village Catalog Construction Work Plan" and "14th Five -Year Plan" comprehensively compare the vitality of rural recovery. Different positioning and functions are modified and improved in the development of villages and towns in the development of rural tourism industry. Newly developed key towns (hometown) selection standards. The selection standards of major villages focus on guiding the country’s natural cultural resources and production and lifestyle. Digging rural multi -functional and multi -functional value, and restoring vitality of rural tourism, rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organization through the development of rural tourism, rural industry, talent, culture, ecology, and organization. The main towns (towns) choose standards to focus on leading the contact functions and elements of Liancheng and villages and towns. Township construction has become a local center to serve the development of rural tourism. Driven rural tourism clusters, scale, brand development, helping the opening of urban and rural channels, two -way traffic, and promoting the development of urban and rural areas in the county. The first batch of national and rural tourism key cities (hometown) took positive measures, reunion, public services, policy promotion, management coordination, and so on. Ensure the high -quality development of rural tourism.

  The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will meet with the National Development and Reform Commission. Further strengthen the guidance of policy support for key rural tourism villages and towns, and talent training, and talent training. Give play to a good way to promote the demonstration of key villages. Lead the high -quality development of rural tourism.

  (1) Improve policy support. Coordinate relevant departments and include key rural tourism villages into policy documents, such as county commercial system construction, rural customer service system construction, and give full play to the driving role of resource elements, such as transportation and transportation to rural tourism consumption. Actively expand cooperation with the Bank of Agricultural Bank of China, promote the continued deep farm of Agricultural Bank of China, and incorporate the major villages of rural tourism into policy support.

  (2) Strengthen daily management. Relying on the deployment of cultural and tourism resources development management systems, the construction of rural tourism towns and towns in the province, and timely tracking the evaluation of the development of key villages and towns in rural tourism townships.

  (3) Do well in promotion. Through the work of the boutique line, a typical case collection, and so on. Strengthen the promotion of key villages and towns in rural tourism towns and towns to promote the establishment of a comprehensive range, multi -level rural tourism brand system, and meet the needs of rural tourism people.

  (4) Talent training. The theme training of key rural tourism villages, inviting industry experts, leading companies, online platforms, financial institutions, and so on. Build a platform for communication and cooperation, which is suitable for sustainable talent support for key villages and towns. (Xinmin News Standing in Beijing Reporter Yu Mingshan in the evening)

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